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Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Hulu’s Deadbeat is kind of like a stoner riff on The Frighteners—it features Kevin “Pac” Pacalioglu (Tyler Labine), a hapless and somewhat ineffectual medium who nonetheless solves mysteries, kind of like those kids on Ghostwriter. (It can be two things.) You’d think he’d have no trouble making money by utilizing his skills—this person has managed to—but he’s proven unsuccessful so far. Well, Pac’s luck might turn around with the addition of Kal Penn to the cast. Deadline reports that Penn, the Obama administration’s former Associate Director Of Public Engagement (a.k.a “Secretary Of Partying Down”), is joining Deadbeat as a series regular.

Penn will play Clyde, a “stoner entrepreneur extraordinaire and all-around good dude” who becomes Pac’s business partner. He’ll appear in all 13 episodes of season three, which means there should be an opportunity for a brainstorming session where the two actually fall asleep (because they got high), or try to create some kind of “ganja for ghosts.” Well, whatever, we’re pretty sure the Deadbeat writers already have all the weed-related jokes covered, so Penn’s return to stoner comedy is probably in no real danger.


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