At the end of a week where our nation’s No. 1 album was practically given away by a major retailer, U.K. pop-rockers Kaiser Chiefs have suddenly released their fourth record, The Future Is Medieval, and unveiled a new, pyramid-scheme-like plan to make money off of it. Fans are invited to create their own 10-song versions of the album from a pool of 20 tracks, with customized artwork and (here’s the part where you become a millionaire music mogul) personal websites where they can sell the record to friends and recoup about $1.64 on each sale. It might not sound like much, but according to the Wall Street Journal, "the fan is actually doing better on the deal than the members of the band.” Finally, fans can now skip the middle men from record labels and directly screw over artists themselves.

Ah, we kid: As singer Ricky Wilson tells WSJ, "I don't think we're going to be making anyone millionaires. But we'll be showing a different way that the industry can involve the fans." For more information go here.