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Kacey Musgraves is a centaur in the trippy music video for “Oh, What A World”

Country queen Kacey Musgraves is giving her fans a trippy music video they didn’t ask for, but they’re likely to be grateful for. If you’ve ever had the passing thought, “Hmm, I wonder what Kacey Musgraves would look like as a centaur,” this is great news for you and your weirdly powerful vision board. The song itself, “Oh, What A World,” is a slow jam, one you’d hum along to while driving on a warm summer night. The song also appears on her Grammy-winning album, Golden Hour, and shares a title with her current tour.


The video includes neon jellyfish, talking stars, a merman, and a banjo-playing frog, to name just a few surreal elements. The Musgraves centaur is a cross between an uncanny-valley CGI Barbie (fitting, considering her Met Gala outfit) and a Sim. The video offers a non-stop light show of colors and computer-animated movement, but somehow remains relaxing thanks to Musgraves’ soothing mellow twang.

On her Instagram, Musgraves posted that the video was created by @trippyogi, a “Digital Dream Builder” and “Creativity Cultivator,” per IG. The song previewed on Earth Day, as the song title suggests. “This magical place we all inhabit is so profoundly filled with beauty, and sometimes we can use a little reminder to appreciate all that Mother Earth provides,” Jeremy, a.k.a. Trippyogi, wrote on IG. With all the psychedelic energy coming from the video and the happiness it exudes, it’s nice tribute to the planet. Plus, it’s fun to watch over and over.

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