HBO’s Eastbound And Down officially returns on September 26, but for those who can’t wait until then to see what Kenny fucking Powers has been up to (besides a fan posing as him chronicling the adventures of his dick on Twitter), this new Funny Or Die video offers some clues. In short, he’s doing what he does best—cashing in on his fame via an endorsement deal with K-Swiss. Oddly enough, the campaign is real: K-Swiss really did sign “Kenny Powers” to be the spokesperson for its Tubes training shoes, and soon enough you’ll be seeing his face in magazine ads, billboards, subway posters (as seen above), and commercial spots for TV and movie theaters. And ordinarily we don’t go in for crass cross-promotion around here, but you know what? We’ll make an exception when they feature a dude talking about bukkake porn.


Kenny Powers Gets Signed By K-Swiss - watch more funny videos