Hot on the heels of The Walk (get it?), another story that has already been told in a documentary is going to be re-told in a narrative film. This time it’s Girlhood, Liz Garbus’ 2003 documentary about two young girls—Shanae Watkins and Megan Stahl—serving time in a juvenile detention center. As explained in that film, the girls meet a therapist who works to help them turn their lives around, and the two of them end up developing a strong friendship in the process. News of this retelling comes from The Hollywood Reporter which says the new version will be titled Hood Girls (which is kind of a weird change from Girlhood), and it will be written by Greencard Warriors’ Miriam Kruishoop. Apparently, the big benefit that this narrative version will have over the documentary is that it will follow the girls for a “much longer span” of their lives, focusing on their “lasting friendship.”