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Justin Trudeau brought Ivanka Trump (and 600 other people) to a musical about being nice to immigrants

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

It took the American people—currently two months into an unhappy relationship with a bad-tempered orange golem—very little time to start emotionally cheating on President Donald Trump with the sweet-eyed neighbor boy to the north, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Now, Trudeau has executed his latest bout of floppy-haired, socially conscious Nice Guy-ism, inviting Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka—plus 600 other prominent Americans—to the Broadway debut of a Canadian musical about being nice to foreign visitors. The play, Come From Away, is about a town in Newfoundland that took in a load of stranded travelers after the September 11 attacks shut down America’s airports.


Before the play, Trudeau left his seat next to Trump to give a brief speech about the importance of Canada’s friendship with America, with his comments deftly sidestepping any specific references to the latest drama centered on President Trump’s second attempt at getting a Muslim-directed travel ban on the books. (“The world gets to see what it is to lean on each other and be there for each other through the darkest times,” was about as close as Trudeau got to referencing the current situation.)

[via The New York Times]

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