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Justin Timberlake to just hang out at NBC for a week

America was recently allowed to stop pretending that Justin Timberlake isn’t also a singer, so naturally it’s time for another old-fashioned Justin Timberlake double-duty on Saturday Night Live. He’s been confirmed as host, musical guest, and MySpace and Bud Light Platinum ambassador on the March 9 episode, which will almost assuredly not feature any satirical digs at either MySpace or Bud Light Platinum, anymore than it will have any jokes about that time his buddies made him a wedding video starring hilarious homeless people. What it will feature is Timberlake doing songs from his upcoming The 20/20 Experience, and, let’s face it, probably a Lonely Island video and a “Bring It On Down To…” sketch. It’s the fifth time Timberlake has hosted (Now he gets his club robe!), and it precedes a March 11-15 Justin Timberlake “residence” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where Timberlake will perform every night, probably do some “History Of Rap” installments, and just generally hang around and be all over NBC. You can also look for him on that week’s Chicago Fire, as a building on fire.


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