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Justin Timberlake just released his entry for “best Trolls-based summer jam ever composed”

Mad smile scientist Justin Timberlake has unleashed his latest lip-curling concoction, uploading a video for his new song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” onto the internet tonight. Featuring most of the cast members of Timberlake’s upcoming movie, Trolls (as in, the naked little dolls with the brightly colored hair)—it may very well be the only joyful thing to come out of that soon-to-arrive monstrosity.

But hey, we’re probably just being haters, which is counter to the philosophy of all the puppies, smiling people, and a giggling Anna Kendrick dancing around the sets of Timberlake’s new video. It’s undeniably poppy as hell, even if the abundance of beaming celebrity cameos (and the forcefulness of the track’s title) do suggest a certain… inflexibility… in Timberlake’s approach to human joy.


You can stream “Can’t Stop The Feeling” on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes right now, or (probably) just wait for Timberlake’s roving Relaxation Drones to beam the new song of the summer directly into your soon-to-be smile-convulsed skull.

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