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Justin Theroux to star in HBO's The Leftovers, which obviously means that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant

Ever since it was announced that HBO would be moving forward with its Damon Lindelof-produced, Peter Berg-directed adaptation of The Leftovers, the media has been consumed with the question of whether Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. So it’s definitely no coincidence that today comes the news that Aniston’s fiancée Justin Theroux will star in the adaptation of Tom Perotta’s novel, which imagines a post-Rapture Earth where those left behind are condemned to wonder how they didn’t measure up—for example, by not giving babies to their movie star girlfriends, even though they are obviously very sad without them.

Clearly Theroux doesn’t intend to be one of those disappointments, as by taking a regular acting job, he'll now be in an even better position to support Jennifer Aniston while she grows their baby. Also telling is that Theroux will join the series as Kyle Garvey, a police chief who attempts to maintain some semblance of order while also looking after his own two children—a role most celebrity experts would say Theroux is taking on in order to prepare for real-life fatherhood. (With Jennifer Aniston, who is pregnant.)


Should the pilot go to series, Jennifer Aniston is expected to reveal she’s having twins.

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