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Justin Roiland wrote a custom Rick And Morty song for Kanye West's birthday

Image: Adult Swim

It makes a certain inevitable sense that Kanye West would be a Rick & Morty fan. First—and, we’ll admit, it gets harder to remember this part with every passing day, as the platonic image of the show’s “Pickle Rick!”-screaming fanbase continually threatens to overshadow its actual merits—the Adult Swim series remains one of the funnier, smarter things on TV. But also, it seems impossible to imagine that Kanye—a mercurial, id-driven, self-and-others-appointed genius—wouldn’t identify wholeheartedly with Rick Sanchez, the show’s foul-mouthed, burping, “fuck it, let’s do it my way” hero.

For his part, Rick & Morty’s creator and lead voice actor, Justin Roiland, has never been shy about loaning his characters out for fun one-off stunts, especially to his heroes in the rap world. Hence, presumably, this custom-made audio card apparently commissioned by Kim Kardashian West for her husband’s birthday today, in which he finally gets to (sort of) meet his TV heroes:


Unsurprisingly, Roiland’s tribute to the Ye rapper is both sincere and deeply creepy, as he voices Rick crawling into a sleeping Kanye’s bed, kissing him on the forehead, and collecting some of his hair to clone him. It’s a pretty nice gesture—by Rick’s sociopathic standards, anyway—even if we’re not sure whether a room full of Yeezy clones would lead to the promised “amazing music,” or just a hideous orgy of self-destruction.

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