“Total Rickall” is one of the best, strangest episodes of Rick And Morty, in which a parasite begins infecting the family’s memories and playing with the conventions of TV continuity. In one of the episode’s many flashbacks, Rick unveils a crazed plan to load up on limited-edition Legend Of Zelda Nintendo 3DSes and then flip them for a profit to collectors online. It is a remarkably mundane and realistic get-rich-quick scheme, the type of thing you’d only try to pull off if you also sort of wanted a limited-edition Legend Of Zelda Nintendo 3DS for yourself, and it is something Justin Roiland actually did. Moreover, you can buy one of them right now.

Roiland’s an investor in Witchsy, a sort of artist-friendly, censorship-free Etsy competitor, and he’s currently unloading a golden 3DS complete with a Rick And Morty doodle on it for the low, low price of $1,000. (Rick only aimed for $230.) According to Vice, that whole joke was based on Roiland’s actual exploits. As Roiland explained in a text to Witchsy co-founder Kate Dwyer:

“All the stuff Rick says in that scene in the episode was actually true. My plan was to sell them off here and there over the years but I just had so many that I still have them. It’s also important to know that I felt bad after I bought them all so I went and purchased 15 2DS systems and a bunch of games and donated them to the children’s hospital of Los Angeles. I became part of the problem that day. I became a scalper. CHA-CHING.”


Someone who claims to be a friend of his claims on Tumblr that he has “a guest room full of” the things, so, honestly, you’re doing him a favor taking it off of his hands. Also you’re giving him a large amount of money. You can buy it here, or take a look at the site’s other Rick And Morty stuff, including some pretty rad original art.