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Justin Lin to direct Black Panthers drama The Stand Off for Netflix

(Photo: Getty Images For Paramount Pictures, Ken Ishii)

As a veteran of several Fast And Furious movies and Star Trek Beyond, director Justin Lin is known for making big, occasionally goofy action spectaculars, but he’s going in a slightly different direction for his next project. According to Deadline, Lin and screenwriter Mark Heyman are making a period drama called The Stand Off about the creation of Los Angeles’ first SWAT team in 1969 and its attempt to raid the headquarters of the Black Panther Party. As indicated by the title of this movie, that raid didn’t go smoothly, and Lin’s film will tell the story from both perspectives in order to show how the ensuing stand off became “the most intense in the city’s long history” and how “its ramifications are still felt today.”

Heyman—who was one of the writers on Black Swan—apparently came up with this idea and developed it specifically for Lin, and though there were “multiple bids” for the project from traditional studios, they both agreed to go with Netflix instead.


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