Though it still doesn’t have a title, a plot, or clear reason for existing, the fifth film in the Bourne franchise now has a new writer. The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that newcomer Andrew Baldwin will be writing the script for director Justin Lin’s sequel to The Bourne Legacy, the Tony Gilroy-helmed spin-off that awkwardly introduced America to its step-Bourne, Jeremy Renner. (“You’re not my real Bourne,” America said under its breath, before remembering that, technically, Jason Bourne wasn’t its real Bourne either.)

Baldwin, whose résumé consists of several as-yet-unproduced scripts, will be taking over for Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes), who presumably left the project after being unable to settle on a 7th-grade vocabulary word to follow Bourne in the title. The Bourne Anonymity? The Bourne Uncertainty? The Bourne Ossuary? Let’s see you try, smart guy.