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Justin Lin may return to close out the Fast And The Furious franchise

Once again proving Newton’s law that a car in motion will stay in motion unless people stop paying to see it, Deadline reports that Justin Lin might return to helm the next Fast And Furious sequel. Fans know Lin as a man who lives his life a quarter mile at a time, mostly by shooting chase scenes for years on end. (He directed four films in the franchise). But one day, he sped off into the sunset to chase after Jeremy Renner’s Bourne Legacy series.

Now, the delay of the Bourne spinoff sequel, the result of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass returning, has freed up Lin’s schedule. And with work on Furious 7 nearing completion, fill-in director and horror enthusiast James Wan is moving on to make The Conjuring 2—presumably because it’s too difficult to make a car sneak up on someone in the dark. This leaves space for Lin to slide back into the driver’s seat of the Fast And The Furious franchise, once he’s done surreptitiously adding dual exhaust systems to all the cars in True Detective.


Though there’s nothing official yet, Deadline suggests that Lin could begin talking about “a multi-part production that will lead to multiple movies shot together,” and that these next chapter(s) would be the definitive end of the franchise. Furious 7 is set to release on April 3, 2015, and you can expect Fast Finish or Furious Finale (or both) a few years later—and then several more of these movies a little while after that, because come on.

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