While Frank Ocean may be pretty stoked about his six Grammy noms, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is definitely not stoked about his client’s snub. Braun went on a Twitter rampage late Wednesday night, riling up Beliebers to root for their “underdog.” While Bieber’s been nominated twice before (for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album in 2011), Braun said he thinks the Grammys “blew it on this one.” He also tweeted that Bieber “deserved it” because of a “huge succesful [sic] album” and sold-out tour, and that he doesn’t “really have any kind positive things to say about a decision i dont agree with.” By Braun's rationale, of course, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and The Wiggles should also be up for a bunch of Grammys every year, but hey, whatever.

Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste also took to Twitter to express his emoticon-aided dismay over not being nominated. First he said that “2k12 has been a mixed vibe,” asking, “the Grammies are literally based off sales and nothing else? #bummerzone.” He then started @-ing with past and future Grammy nominee Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, asking him for “the Grammy secret,” and saying that maybe Grizzly Bear should just “make better music.”


Vernon, always the cheerleader, told Droste to buck up, noting that “#jordangotcutfromhighschoolbasketball” and saying,

“this is why i hate the grammies [sic]. because it allows you to question what you've done. don't question what you’ve done Ed. y'alls music is pure as fuck and there is nobody making music like you and i think it's truly unique. the grammies aren’t a measure of much that is calculable or quantifiable by our own contexts for music. why you create is most important.”


Droste said he’s “not really questioning what we've done,” but is “definitely questioning other things,” possibly including whether he should drop $325 on a sweater.