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The video of Justin Bieber emptying his swag all over the stage left little to the imagination or prurient interest even for the most jaded of emetophiliacs, but "little to the imagination" is typically where Taiwan's Next Media Animation comes in to add its (now knowingly) over-the-top interpretations. Like the nachos and Gatorade that Bieber reportedly indulged in pre-show, the cartoon version crams in as much stomach-turning as it can, transforming his vomiting into a veritable Roman shower sprayed all over the faces of Bieber's eagerly receptive fans, complete with rainbows and unicorns. To quote one dismayed, self-described "Belieber" in the video's YouTube comments, "Don't make him puke up green and purple and blue and rainbows -:(" Too late. They did make him do that.

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