Reaffirming that the only “N-word” he finds off-limits is “no,” new video has surfaced of a nascent Justin Bieber, back when he was just a hatchling egg being splattered against the door of the world, dropping racist slurs. Actually, this second racist clip—reportedly shot before the first one, when he was around the age of 14—features Bieber singing said slurs. In terms of offensiveness, it is definitely a Justin Bieber song.

Here’s the video, in which Bieber sings his own “One Less Lonely Girl,” but swaps out “girl” with his then-favorite punchline. “If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK,” he sort-of croons, “and there’ll be one less lonely n—-r.” In the background another voice giggles, a stand-in for a everyone who is currently in the throes of schadenfreude.


14-Year-Old Justin Bieber — Sings Parody 'One Less Lonely N*****' And About Joining Ku Klux Klan - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

Like most Bieber songs, Bieber didn’t actually write it: According to TMZ, he saw an online video of someone else’s parody and just decided to create his own Biebered version, as is the idiom of his career. The site also says that Bieber’s team now “want this video out, because he wants to own what he did”—likely, and correctly, assuming that it’s best to run it now, where it can be subsumed under the blanket apology that’s already been issued, rather than having to draft a whole new one blaming the ignorance of youth, but, like, a year younger.


TMZ further reports that “various people have tried to extort [Bieber] over the last few years,” demanding ransom money to prevent the release of this and that other video. As with all his transgressions, Bieber now wants to pay for them while also couching them as part of his personal growth (rather than actually pay for them).

Some of that growth was apparently aided by Usher and Will Smith, as TMZ adds that Bieber told both of them about the tapes “years ago… saying he knew almost immediately it was a stupid thing to do.” Adding an amusing image to an endless parade of annoying ones, TMZ says, “Usher took him into a room and showed him historically racist videos to drive home how hurtful these words can be”—suggesting that Usher has some sort of “racism re-education” home theater. Presumably it’s stocked with copies of Birth Of A Nation and Disney’s Song Of The South, and no one leaves without filling out a worksheet.

Whatever Usher’s exact methods and racism matinees may have entailed, they obviously worked, as Bieber now demonstrates a more multicultural, all-encompassing version of insensitivity, and his songs are only offensive to people on a more universal level.