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Justin Bieber’s tour merch now includes $195 Marilyn Manson T-shirts

(Photo: Barneys)

It was just last year that Justin Bieber, Ontario’s least digestible export since Canadian Club, was on an apology tour after egging his neighbor’s house, drag racing under the influence, ramming a minivan with his ATV, and generally behaving like an insufferable jerk. Since then, Bieber has focused on loftier ambitions, such as committing copyright infringement, monetizing social media, and curating ridiculously overpriced ironic apparel.

According to Stereogum, Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour merchandise collection now includes a sleeveless T-shirt featuring Marilyn Manson that’s going for $195 for pre-orders at Barneys. While some may balk at spending that much for a shirt already available at Hot Topic for less than $20, some key distinctions should be pointed out. First, the back of the Bieber version features the proclamation “BIGGER THAN SATAN” with Bieber’s name in a vaguely Teutonic script. Then there’s the noticeable lack of sleeves. But most importantly, the Bieber shirt is fucking $195, bro. Only alpha-male studs making mad stacks need apply.


The Purpose Tour collection is “inspired by the star’s blockbuster show, as well as looks worn by the multitalented performer on stage”. Other reasonably priced apparel includes $325 sweatpants, an $840 kilt, a $1675 bomber jacket, and a sleeveless flannel that will complete your Larry The Cable Guy Halloween costume for only $700.

(Photo: Barneys)

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