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Justin Bieber looking for street justice after The Black Keys' drummer disses him

Justin Bieber has put Patrick Carney on blast to his 34 million Twitter followers, after The Black Keys’ drummer made disparaging comments about the pop singer around Sunday night’s Grammy awards. Carney—never one to hold his tongue—told TMZ that Bieber didn’t deserve any Grammys, because “Grammys are for like music, not for money… and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Carney apparently hit the singer where it hurts, because earlier today Bieber (Who totally knows how to play drums too, okay?) tweeted that “The Black Key drummer should be slapped around,” adding a “haha,” like he didn’t really want his massive army of tiny minions to actually go all street justice on the Akron-bred Key. Still, that “haha” might not hold up in court should anything really bad go down, especially considering that more than 30,000 Beliebers have already retweeted it, with some adding comments like the very enthusiastic “THAT’S MY BOY,” or assuring Bieber that his “stuff is more cred than the bkeys (music for dudes with white pony tails aka bad 80s blues rock aka jack white rip offs).”


Carney is taking the threats in kind, retweeting some of the more incendiary stuff he’s gotten. For example, someone saying he “needs a punch in the face with brick,” and a user with the handle @0oBieberFevero0 saying she “no longer like you nor do I like your band.” Tough crowd.

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