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Justin Bieber inspiring people to challenge celebrities 31 years older than them to fights

Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston upon hearing about their upcoming scheduled fights.
Photo: Araya Diaz (Getty Images)

Yesterday, we reported on pop star Justin Bieber inexplicably challenging Tom Cruise to an MMA fight . We’re still very much in the dark as to why Bieber thinks it’s a good idea to square off against Cruise who—it must be said—could definitely kick his ass, despite being 31 years his senior. His unprovoked challenge, however, appears to be inspiring a lot of other people to do the same. No, the masses aren’t coming out in droves to beat up Tom Cruise. They are, however, finding their own aging celebrities to throw into the octagon. Sally Field, Jeff Goldblum, and Charo are just a few of Hollywood’s elder sect to face the internet’s weird wrath.


For some people, however, the prospects of winning the fight aren’t looking so good.


It’s unfortunate we’ll have to lose so many celebrated actors to career-ending chokeholds and debilitating arm bars, but that’s unfortunately how these things shake out sometimes. A young trendsetter like Justin Bieber comes along and threatens to kick a 56-year-old’s ass and next thing you know we’re all doing it. 


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