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Justified's Graham Yost is all about the lady spies now

Having made one of modern TV's definitive manly shows with Justified, creator Graham Yost is lately exploring his more feminine side, creating shows that prominently feature ladies—specifically, lady spies of the recent past who may or may not wear hats, or bonnets, or whatever it is that ladies used to wear. He's recently attached himself to FX's The Americans, which stars Keri Russell as an undercover KGB spy in the '80s, and now he's going further back with L.A. Woman for NBC. Details are scarce so far, but The Hollywood Reporter says it's a drama about a female spy female-spying in 1970s Los Angeles, at a time when, according to our research, female spies were routinely asked by mysterious, rich benefactors to pose as swimsuit models and tennis pros, then mostly just smile and flirt until it was time to karate kick someone in the face. That is, after all, what Jim Morrison was singing about, if you really listen.


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