Graham Yost, the creator and showrunner of Justified, and Noah Wyle, the star of Falling Skies, have teamed up to develop a limited series for FX about the United States’ decision to enter World War II. Those Angry Days will take place between 1937 and 1941, when members of Congress and other factions protested the idea of the U.S. joining the fight against Hitler. According to Variety, President Franklin D. Roosevelt will be a character in the series, as will CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow. Wyle is believed to be portraying Murrow, probably because David Strathairn is doing something more important with his steely glare.

Yost likely will begin work on the script soon, as production is wrapping on the sixth and final season of Justified. (We obviously don’t know the ending yet, though it probably involves someone never leaving Harlan alive.) WWII dramas aren’t exactly a new arena for Yost, who has writing credits on both Band Of Brothers and The Pacific and is adapting Alex Kershaw’s Avenue Of Spies for WGN America. Still, it’s doubtful that this new show could ever be as exciting as Yost’s breakout screenplay for Speed; widespread genocide and the demolition of Europe just can’t match the thrill of watching an unstoppable bus plow through LA traffic.