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Having been added to the roster of go-to TV guest stars—where he shares a bench and occasional pep talks with Steven Weber, Amy Pietz, and Richard Kind—Patton Oswalt will soon take on another "Hey, it's Patton Oswalt" arc in the upcoming season of FX's Justified. According to a report at TV Line, Oswalt will play a former high-school classmate of Raylan Givens, one who's now a constable and charged by Raylan with watching his father Arlo's house. And as the role will be played by Oswalt, there are obviously elements of comedy and loveable loserdom at play, with his Bob Sweeney being obsessed with telling the same glory days football story, and his attempt to help Raylan capture a bail jumper described as "humorous—and maybe even successful!" (The exclamation point suggests that it will, indeed, be successful.) Anyway, Oswalt now only needs an appearance on a CSI or Law And Order to get his varsity character actor jacket.


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