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Justice League to fix Batmobile’s sad lack of every gun ever

Photo via: Vero

In the wake of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s critical lambasting, the creative team did some soul-searching to figure out what went wrong. Was it the dour, humorless tone? The punishingly weightless CGI combat of the endless final act? The awkward toggling between franchise obligations and a coherent storyline that tried to care about these characters’ respective moral compasses? After close to a year, it looks like director Zack Snyder has finally hit upon the answer: Batman didn’t have enough bone-shattering guns attached to his car. In a new picture posted to social media site Vero, the Justice League helmer who never met a slow-motion punch he couldn’t make more bombastic reveals the look of the Batmobile in the new film, and it appears to be modeled on the plans of an 11-year-old NRA executive.

If anything, this newly souped-up Batmobile definitively answers the question of whether any of the criticisms leveled at the Batman V Superman version of the caped crusader—specifically, his enthusiasm for firing Matrix-worthy storms of bullets at two-bit criminals—would alter the next incarnation of the character in Snyder’s upcoming superhero team-up film. And that answer is yes, so long as you interpreted the criticism of Batman, hardcore gun fetishist, to mean he didn’t have quite enough metal tubes to shoot bullets from. No word yet on which firing ranges the Batmobile normally frequents, but it seems likely the new film’s villains will include a sentient kevlar vest.


[Via ComingSoon]

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