As reported yesterday, newly installed Warner Bros. kingpin Jeff Robinov is a guy who likes to take “creative risks,” such as basing most of his long-term strategy on continuing the studio’s comic-book tentpoles—even if it means thinking about a whole new Batman movie before Christopher Nolan has finished with his. Apparently that goes for Superman too, as director Zack Snyder has revealed that the studio’s plans to finally make a Justice League film are completely separate from his upcoming take on the character, with Snyder saying the superhero team-up will instead feature standalone, altogether-different versions of Batman and Superman, thereby creating a potential Crisis On Infinite Franchises.

Suddenly the question of how they could possibly get a Justice League movie together by 2013 while also giving Snyder space to finish Man Of Steel—and of course, figure out their post-Nolan direction for Batman—has been answered: “We’ll be over here with our movie, and they’ll kinda get to do it twice—which is kinda cool,” Snyder said. (Also kinda cool to Zack Snyder: Talking owls.) On the upside, if Warner Bros. is really going the Multiverse route with this, maybe every one of those fan casting campaigns can finally get the Superman they wanted most, like the Superman of Earth-Jon Hamm. [HeyUGuys via The Playlist]