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Justice League movie might premiere around the same time as The Avengers 2

With Warner Bros. having just claimed victory in a long, drawn-out legal battle that will allow them to retain the rights to Superman, the studio is preparing for another showdown where it hopes its hubris will pay off. According to the L.A. Times, development has begun to "accelerate" on its long-rumored Justice League movie, which is now being targeted for summer 2015—pitting it squarely against Marvel's The Avengers sequel and thus inviting direct comparison to the franchise to which it would be directly compared to anyway. As long suspected, this accelerated timeline all but confirms that Justice League will take a reverse-Avengers strategy of reintroducing its next generation of superheroes first and then possibly spinning them off into their own films, with the rebooted version of Batman standing alone from Christopher Nolan's incarnation, characters like The Flash and Wonder Woman being seen for the first time, and only the minute possibility that Man Of Steel's Henry Cavill and Green Lantern's Ryan Reynolds could reprise their roles providing any connection to the rest of the DC movie universe. It also suggests that summer 2015 will have way too many damn superheroes.


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