We've been reporting on this movie for so long now it feels like we've already seen and hated the damn thing, so it's with unusually heavy regret that we pass on the news that Justice League has been put on indefinite hiatus and may never have the chance to earn your scorn. While it's putting a brave face on the matter and publicly floating the possibility of moving ahead with the project at a later date, Warner Bros. quietly allowed the options to lapse on its painstakingly assembled cast—a group of mostly unknowns where Adam Brody (as The Flash) actually counted as star wattage. As to why, the studio mumbled something about not getting the proper "response on tax breaks needed for shooting in Australia," but it's more likely this is yet another dead baby you can lay at the feet of striking writers, who steadfastly refuse to "Judd up" any of Wonder Woman and Batman's exchanges until they get their satisfaction. Those selfish, selfish monsters have also jeopardized the next Superman pic, and as a result 2009 may not have any disappointing superhero films at all.