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Just try to resist this 17-minute edit of “Girl You Know It’s True”

The original rendition of Milli Vanilli’s ill-fated “Girl You Know It’s True” is four (or so) minutes of late-’80s Top 40 ear candy. Enterprising Steve Hoffman Music Forums user TheLazenby wasn’t satisfied with just enjoying the album version and its synthesized string stabs and goofy hip-hop bridge, however: He painstakingly went through each of the song’s remixes—from the “G. Spot Remix Beats” to the “N.Y.C. Subway Mix”— cherrypicked the unique parts and stitched together a seamless, 17-minute megamix of the song. The below iteration of the song is TheLazenby’s fourth (and longest) try at the megamix, as it appears he kept finding more distinctive parts to add; just try to resist doing the duo’s patented leg swing while it plays.


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