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Just try and resist this 2-year-old Bob Marley impersonator

Stereotypical Bob Marley fans can be annoying, what with their encyclopedic knowledge of the late singer’s limited catalog and semi-mindless acceptance of some, but not all, aspects of Rastafarianism. But then there’s Myles Kingston Sadler, a two-year-old kid who lives in Atlanta, can rock a dreadlock wig, and seems to know the lyrics (and affectations) for all of Marley’s tracks. Sadler’s “team” (read: parents) have posted about 20 videos of him singing Marley tracks on YouTube, and, goddammit, they’re pretty adorable. Just try and resist the power of Sadler’s wiggly take on “Get Up, Stand Up.” It’s impossible.

[via Dangerous Minds]


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