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Just Taron Egerton learning what a "bussy" is

Screenshot: Buzzfeed

Oh, innocence. We all had it at some point, and we all lost it at some point. Sometimes that loss is sought out, other times it just slaps you in the face, leaving your young, mushy brain with no clear path back to naivety. The latter appears to have been captured on camera for Taron Egerton, who inquired after a particularly naughty word while the Rocketman actor was reading thirst tweets for BuzzFeed. A fan tweeted, “Taron Egerton is a white boy that I trust to destroy my bussy.” The subsequent range of emotion sweeping over him is astounding.


You can almost breathe in the innocence as he laughs and asks what it is, his bright eyes waiting for the answer. His smile drops when an off-camera voice informs him, “It’s their butt.” His slow realization manifests in squinted eyes, a soft “really?”, and a slow shake of the head. The camera zoom, though, is truly is the pièce de résistance of the moment.


Bussy,” as Urban Dictionary so eloquently points out, is a combination of the words “boy” and “pussy,” if you hadn’t put that together yet. As Out clarifies, it’s a term regularly used in the gay community. Perhaps his “naughty” buddy Elton could have enlightened him.


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