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Just Seth Meyers getting drunk as hell with the goddamned Barefoot Contessa

While everyday schmucks like us have to content ourselves with getting drunk alongside our schmucky everyday friends, TV hosts like Seth Meyers get to enjoy more refined company. Just look at this clip from Late Night With Seth Meyers, which finds the host recruiting cookbook author and Food Network presenter Ina “Barefoot Contessa” Garten for some televised day-drinking.


The clip starts off professionally enough. Garten tries to teach Meyers how to make a few of her drink recipes, but, at every opportunity, he drains his glass, getting drunker and drunker along the way. He giggles while pouring crushed ice, tells Garten she makes “a liar’s face,” and bursts out laughing after every slurred word or mangled cutaway (“Well, that’s enough for that,” he stumbles during a string of hilarious, failed segues). Soon, Garten herself is toasted, and the pair begin matching photos of celebrity feet with their owners (because, y’know, Barefoot Contessa) and connecting TV quotes with the famous chef who said them.

The whole thing is delightful, especially as it spirals further out of control. By the time Meyers tries writing “INA” on the bar top with a scrawl of cake icing, you can practically feel the onset of their late afternoon headaches.


More than the money, the prestige, and the adoration of millions, it’s the hyper-public drunkenness that really makes Garten and Meyers’ celebrity enviable. That old Hollywood dream of getting completely plastered with another famous person on TV isn’t for everyone, but it sure seems nice if you can get it.

[via Vulture]

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