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Just Nicolas Cage bringing that Bad Lieutenant energy to "Purple Rain"

Photo: VCG (Getty Images)

Nicolas Cage is exorcising some demons, people. TMZ just shared a brief clip of the weirdo actor and walking meme doing his best Alex Jones impression during an apocalyptic karaoke rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” While he was surely paying homage to the legendary singer on the third anniversary of his death, it nevertheless seems like Cage is working through some shit, the likes of which he can no longer purge by buying/smashing rare dinosaur skulls.

TMZ links the performance to Cage’s current marital drama, which follows the annulment of his marriage to girlfriend Erika Koike. The pair’s union dissolved after four days, with Cage citing that he was simply too drunk to know what he was doing. Will somebody please keep this man away from Las Vegas.


“It’s no secret that I’ve been, and still am, a huge fan of Prince,” Cage said in a 2018 interview with Collider. “I thought, like many of us, that he was a pure artist. I would and still do think about what he would do—like if I have a question about ‘should I do this or should I do that?’ I often think about what his perception would be even though I didn’t know him.”

Prince, we’d wager, would not have done this.

That said, you should still go watch the video over at TMZ.

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