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Just in time for the Super Bowl, the NFL once again gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment

Adrian Peterson is planning to buy biscuits in Saskatchewan. Drew Brees is holding an animal-themed party with fish, a tarantula, and possibly a cougar, and all the New Orleans Saints are invited. Aaron Rodgers verbally signals his turns, even when he’s not driving. These are just some of the revelations in Bad Lip Reading’s new video, “NFL 2016: Part One.” The anticipated sequel, “NFL 2016: Part Two” is on its way.

In the past, BLR has applied its meticulous albeit nonsensical dubbing techniques to movies, television shows, political speeches, and music videos, essentially turning all of those into little four- and five-minute versions of What’s Up, Tiger Lily? or Fractured Flickers, in which the people on screen are acting out one narrative yet saying another. This is especially potent when applied to sporting events, since, for the most part, viewers watching from home or in the stands really have no idea what the players down there are saying. For all the fans know, maybe the NFL players really are spouting the Mad Libs-style gibberish heard here. Some of the funniest moments of “NFL 2016: Part One” don’t even focus on the athletes, but rather on the coaches, cheerleaders, reporters, and especially the referees. There is one dour-looking ref who raises a clenched fist in the air and calmly says, “Wu-Tang forever.”

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