Just in time for class warfare, Dischord Record’s entire catalog is now free to stream online

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Don’t know about you all, but we’ve been feeling a bit, how do we put this politely, pissed the fuck off lately. From climate change to a deadly pandemic to Nic Cage playing Joe Exotic—the list really goes on and on. It’s hard not to want to get out there and (at the very least) throw oneself into a mosh pit to thrash away one’s feelings. Thankfully, the seminal DIY punk record label, Dischord, appears to have felt our collective pain, and decided to gift us with the entirety of their back catalog.

That’s right, kids. Over four decades’ worth of legendary punk and hardcore music from Dischord Records is now available online for free via the label’s Bandcamp. Featuring the discographies of bands like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Void, and Jawbox, the exhaustive lineup is all there to soundtrack your societal angst while we’re all quarantined in our bedrooms like a grounded teen in ‘80s-era D.C.

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Now, while Dischord’s music is technically free, the label is encouraging listeners to chip in what they can to help support the artists, going so far as to waive the first three months’ of sales fees so that everything goes to the bands.


It’s a great way to celebrate decades’ of DIY punk music from a cornerstone label that many wrote off in the beginning. As co-owner Jeff Nelson recently told Farout Magazine, “From the beginning of this label, people have said that the way we do things is unsustainable, unrealistic, idealistic, and we were just dreaming...Well, the dream is now 35 years old, so they can go fuck themselves.”

Hardcore, Jeff.

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