Director Michael Bay is known for being a man of big idea—specifically, that one big idea that everything and everyone in his movies is essentially cannon fodder, waiting to be shot out of a mushrooming fireball that flips over a few 18-wheelers on its way to shredding a skyscraper. The man likes explosions, is what we’re saying, and the more explosion-y the explosion the better, with a side of explosion-fried explosions smothered in extra explosion sauce. Attempting to enumerate all the many explosions Michael Bay has engineered over the years is like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin before they are exploded, but blogger Kyle Vanhove did just that, counting up the specific number of explosions Bay’s films have had, then plotting the correlation between those explosions and box-office gross. Finally, statistical evidence that Bay’s movies really have gotten more obsessed with blowing stuff up real good—save those relatively quiet years immediately following Pearl Harbor, henceforth known as Michael Bay’s “blue period”—and also, that Bay is probably onto something. As a bonus, turned his stats into the colorful infographics below. [via /Film]