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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Just for the record, Michael Keaton is also cool with Ben Affleck playing Batman

With Matt Damon stepping out from the shadows to be Ben Affleck’s watchful protector—just wearing a cowl over his head and kind of gruffly whispering backhanded compliments to people—the process can now move on to tracking down everyone who’s ever been involved with Batman, so they can all weigh in on a casting decision that’s already been made and they have nothing to do with. And, since Adam West is a crazy person, naturally that process begins with poor Michael Keaton being cornered by TMZ and forced to exclaim, “He’s gonna be great!” several times until they finally let him go. Naturally, Keaton’s endorsement probably means more than most, considering the backlash he himself received when landing the role in the 1989 Batman. Still, this isn’t truly going to be settled until someone coerces Affleck’s other pal George Clooney into saying something about nipples, or finally hunts down and tags Val Kilmer before releasing him back into the night.


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