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Just Conan O'Brien and Jean-Claude Van Damme hanging out, talking about butts

Conan O’Brien may recently have shortened his show’s runtime, but that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge in some Conan-ian tangents during interviews. Like, say, talking to Jean-Claude Van Damme about the quality of his butt.

Van Damme, the Muscles from Brussels himself, appeared on last night’s Conan and, before long, told O’Brien that he’d “heard in the back that you have a problem, mentally, about the shape of your butt.” Knowing that there’s always vast comedic potential when butts become a talking point, Andy Richter encourages the conversation, adding: “To be honest, it’s really more about the lack of the shape of the butt.”

Though O’Brien wants to know why his employees are talking about his butt backstage, there’s no stopping the discussion once it reaches this point. Van Damme explains that there was chatter about whether O’Brien’s butt needed to be worked out, but JCVD clarifies that no, everything’s fine, and that “Conan has a nice butt.”


A short while later, Van Damme is assuring O’Brien that all is well, squeezing the host’s proffered behind, and muttering an encouraging “It’s strong, yeah.” As this is an educational program, the action star then teaches O’Brien an exercise routine that involves lying flat on the back and doing some controlled contractions.

A butt endorsement from JCVD is not to be taken lightly. Van Damme appreciates the human body, whether by honing his own into a deadly martial arts weapon or obliterating his enemies with the grace of a surgeon-gone-wrong over countless films. If he says a butt is good, well then, the butt is good.

[via Vulture]

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