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Just Alex Jones singing the DuckTales theme, but about chemtrails

(Screenshot: Infowars)

The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits that sinister government officials are spraying chemical or biological agents from high-flying aircraft, citing the slow-to-dissipate contrails left in the wake of certain planes as evidence. It’s been disproven time and again by the scientific community, but Chuck Norris believes it, so naturally, it’s also been embraced by beefy conspiracy kook Alex Jones, who’s devoted countless hours of his Infowars programming to the completely made-up phenomenon.

Because sometimes the best jokes are the most obvious ones, Twitter user @hateshaliek saw an opportunity to mash Jones’ blustery, theatrical rants on the subject with the iconic and wildly infectious DuckTales theme song. Jones’ hoarse holler sounds of a piece with the jaunty, cartoonish horns, and his token sobs make a fine substitute for that iconic “a-woo-oo”! Watch the whole thing below:


[via Boing Boing]

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