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Just a strong cat doing some pull-ups, putting the rest of us to shame

Photo: Devon Opden Dries (Getty Images)

House cats usually make their owners feel better about themselves. They sleep all day, refuse to do anything more productive than eating and cleaning themselves, and generally just lie around making human accomplishments as limited as washing the dishes or going to work feel like staggering feats in comparison.

A video posted by Anthony Wheeler that shows his cat busting out some pull-ups on a door frame, however, shames us all.


This cat, who Wheeler informs us is “literally doing muscle-ups, bro,” is an incredible athlete. She hangs from her claws, swinging her body weight around like Tom Cruise free climbing in Mission: Impossible 2 and displaying a level of athleticism that puts any cat owner who thinks themselves superior to their dozy, idle companions to shame.

“C’mon, one more!” Wheeler narrates just before the cat flexes her tiny cat biceps one more time in a triumphant lift that ends with her flipping around and springing from door frame to the shelf in a walk-in closet.

As Wheeler explains, this cat “is yoked.” She’s the feline equivalent of an elite athlete operating at peak performance, nonchalantly ripping through a set that would leave so many of us flushed and sweaty, arms trembling from exertion.


In the replies to the clip, others have found their cats wanting next to Wheeler’s furry titan.


Still, it’s good that we now have a video to show our cats, aspirational in the same bulging vein as classic bodybuilding doc Pumping Iron, that can encourage them toward excellence. If you just start them young, after all, anything is possible.


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