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When the creators of YouTube launched their website over a decade ago, they likely had a list of goals they hoped to achieve, art they hoped to facilitate, and ideal videos they hoped to see on their exciting new platform. Undoubtedly, near the top of that list of dream scenarios was a 17.5-hour-long unedited video of a guy just clicking his mouse 1 million times. Thanks to one brave man, that dream is now a reality.

Last month, YouTuber Tocen sat down at his computer with one goal in mind: click the hell out of his mouse. He created a handy little program that would keep track not only of his click count but also his clicking pace, the elapsed time since he started, and the estimated time it would take him to reach 1 million clicks. Tocen was inspired by another recently released video of a man counting to 100,000, which took a total of 40 hours and is as glorious as it is pointless.


“I am grateful for the experience; although some may say I have accomplished nothing,” Tocen said, beating everyone to the punch. “Of everything that happened in this video, the fact I had enough commitment to start and finish this is what I am most proud of.” There is something oddly impressive about accomplishing this bizarre feat, and it’s worth checking out if only to see the despondent look of a man who is nine hours deep and has only clicked 500,000 times.

[via Boing Boing]

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