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We are all wired differently in terms of comedic preferences. Some people like dry wit, others like their comedy more bawdy or boorish, and still others can only laugh at the sight of Tyler Perry in a wig. There is, however, one universal comedic language, and that is the sight of newscasters accidentally drawing dicks or standing near things that look like dicks.

Yes, this 10-minute symphony of accidental dick jokes includes meteorologists drawing accidental ones, unfortunately shaped infographics, live-TV mishaps, and many more, all featuring cartoonish, abstract dick shapes. It features news broadcasts of many different languages and levels of production quality, proving that accidental dicks can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes the broadcasters never quite get what happened, and other times they dig into the moment with a series of penis-related puns that almost makes the whole thing seem intentional. But the best moments are the ones when the cast and crew suddenly realize what they have put on air and choose instead to welcome the accidental dick into the world with a hearty round of belly laughs, or, even better, try to pivot to a new subject, thus exacerbating the awkwardness of the situation and somehow making the accidental dick-joke even more majestic.


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