Finally giving all this “first day of fall” talk some meaning, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has commemorated autumn with one of the signs of the season—a sign that’s far more interesting than your Facebook friend’s pumpkin spice latte, which has almost nothing to do with dinosaurs. Indeed, this sign is related to dinosaurs and it’s famous: It’s the “East Dock” sign last seen being plowed by Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) as he raced through the storm in 1993’s Jurassic Park, only to become fatally lost, all thanks to engineers who can bring dinosaurs back from extinction, but can’t design a road sign with a reliable directional arrow. (“One bolt oughta do it. Now let’s go string a few cables across the T-Rex pen and call it a day!”)


Trevorrow didn’t offer any clues as to whether the East Dock sign—which has obviously been lying right there for 22 years, presumably not far from a skeleton swallowed in a garish balloon of a polo shirt—is a hint that Nedry’s actions that night might have consequences in the sequel, or whether it’s just an Easter egg for fans. (Attempts to crack the code of his tweet have proven fruitless, because goddammit, I hate this hacker crap.) But it could open the door for the return of other, equally famous Jurassic Park signs—“Caution! Keep Windows Up,” or “No Feeding, Flash Photography, Yelling,” maybe. Likely not “Danger, 10,000 Volts,” however, which has been enjoying a comfortable stage career in London’s West End.

[via Collider]