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Jurassic World, as told by emojis

Jurassic World

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing Jurassic World yet and want to skip the ticket price, emoji expert Katelyn Clontz has you covered. Earlier this week, Clontz crafted a spot-on retelling of the film entirely in emojis on Twitter, reappropriating the serpent and gator emojis as dinosaurs. Clontz’s highly accurate work even attracted the attention of dinosaur wrangler Chris Pratt.

Don’t worry, the emojis don’t really spoil anything you couldn’t have already guessed. There may be four people co-credited with writing the screenplay, but all it took was one person with a smartphone to recreate the story.


It’s not necessarily great—but also not all that surprising—that the film’s plot can be distilled into a series of symbols. But we did notice the absence of one emoji that should probably be there: the high heel.

Meanwhile, X-Files But Emoji continues to be one of the best things on the Internet.

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