When Jurassic Park was released in 1993, the computer systems depicted in the movie were the height of high-tech wizardry. But technology has advanced so rapidly in the two decades since that in 2014 Dennis Nedry’s workstation is downright quaint, not to mention easily re-created from your desktop.

Jurassic Systems is an interactive HMTL5/Javascript created that allows visitors to re-create the scene from Jurassic Park where Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) tries to get around Nedry (Wayne Knight)’s security measures. Just like in the movie, type the right series of three commands and you will activate Nedry’s “YOU DIDN’T SAY THE MAGIC WORD” response. The system also accepts five basic commands (“access”, “system”, “ls”, “display” and ‘help”), but why would you want to use those when you can be taunted by Wayne Knight’s head on an Elvis costume?


Give it a try, and feel free to chain smoke and practice your Samuel L. Jackson impression as you do it. Thanks are in order to programmer Tully Robinson, who created this glorious piece of timesucking nostalgia.