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Just as Chaos Theory predicted, it was inevitable that a Jurassic Parks And Recreation mash-up was coming. In fact, it’s unlikely anyone would be surprised if the plot of Jurassic World does turn out to be that Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer is too goofy to be left in charge of an island of misfit dinosaurs. Plus, with the Parks And Recreation recent season finale’s jump into the future, it’s totally possible that this future world could have a dinosaur theme park.


The mash-up was done by Thanks Mom Productions, expertly replicating the trailer’s font and inserting Pratt, usually at his most Burt Macklin-est of moments, into the slow-building chaos that moviegoers have come to expect from anything where science plays God. Now the world can only hope there’s a montage scene where Tommy and Donna are giving a dilophosaurus a makeover while imploring it to “treat yo’self!” If such a scene does not exist in the new movie, then it is an instant failure deserving of scorn and ridicule.

[via Daily Dot]

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