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Jurassic Park fans are restoring the RV from The Lost World

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While the original Jurassic Park’s hideous green and yellow SUVs are pretty iconic as far as movie cars go, its sequel, The Lost World, tried to improve upon them by introducing a heavily modified dinosaur-fighting science RV. In the movie, the RV was knocked off of a cliff by an angry T-Rex, but the vehicle used for filming was actually lucky enough to go on and live a long and happy life rotting in a California parking lot. Now, though, a Jurassic Park fan—or an aspiring dinosaur-fighting scientist—has bought the RV and plans to repair it.


If the idea of someone buying a Jurassic Park prop that no reasonable person could possibly have any use for sounds familiar, that’s because this news itself is a bit of a sequel to a report from January about the velociraptor cage from the first movie being sold on eBay. Much like The Lost World, this news copies a lot of what made the first one so interesting, but it’s also a little excessive and tries too hard to one-up the original. For example, the metal dinosaur cage is unnecessary, but it would be a good conversation piece for someone to have in their apartment. “Oh, that? That’s the cage they used to transport the raptors in Jurassic Park. I’m only a little crazy.” That’s not so bad, but in the RV’s attempt to be bigger and more exciting, it ultimately becomes more of a lifestyle choice than a conversation piece. “Oh this RV I live in? It’s the one from Jurassic Park: The Lost World. You didn’t see that movie? It wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was OK.” It was OK indeed, hypothetical RV owner.

Anyway, the real guy who bought the RV has turned to the Jurassic Park Motor Pool—a group of diehard Park fans who work on recreations of the movie’s vehicles—for help. That’s good, because—as seen in this video tour—the RV currently looks like shit. It’ll need a lot of work before it can withstand another attack from some angry dinosaurs, but we’d recommend keeping it away from dinosaurs in general if he wants to keep it safe. Now, what famous thing from the third movie will go on sale? William H. Macy’s mustache? The…actually, that’s all we remember from the third movie.