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The dangers awakened by the cursed Jumanji game tend to involve the jungle, like wild beasts and dangerous plants, but it looks like producer Ted Field and his production company Radar Pictures landed on the “$2 million debt” space when they rolled the Jumanji dice. Unfortunately, this debt isn’t like a horde of wild monkeys or rampaging rhinoceros that can be banished back to the game like in the old Jumanji movie, as Deadline explains, it has to be defeated by diverting profits from the new Jumanji movie until the $2 million debt is paid off.

Let’s back up: Radar Pictures is one of the production companies involved in the new Jumanji movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan, but back in 2014, Radar was sued by another producer named Johnny Lin who had invested money in the company and then didn’t get the return that he was promised. Lin won the suit, but after getting some of the money he was owed, the payments stopped.


So, a judge has now ordered Field and Radar Pictures to pay back $2 million, with the money specifically coming from profits associated with Jumanji and a handful of other films associated with Field and his production company. It’s all a little complicated and shouldn’t impact the moviegoer side of things too much (if at all), but someone involved in the Jumanji movie having to deal with Jumanji-related consequences is a nice bit of thematic consistency.

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