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It’s been a few weeks since there was any casting news about the Jem And The Holograms movie for Internet nostalgists to collectively freak out over. But not to worry; today brings the announcement that Juliette Lewis has been added to the cast—though what role she’ll play is still being kept under wraps. Lewis has been focusing a bit more on her acting as of late (August Osage County, Kelly & Cal), but she also has a music career, both as a solo artist as well as fronting Juliette And The Licks. And while the initial speculation seems to be landing on Lewis playing AI fairy godmother Synergy, given Lewis’ onstage persona with the Licks—and her penchant for playing cooler-than-thou badasses with intimidating makeup choices (Whip It)—another smart guess could be that she’s set to take the reins as Jem’s rival/archenemy Pizzazz, frontwoman of The Misfits. But maybe this news can kick off the inevitable conversation about just who is synergistic enough to pull off Synergy.

UPDATE: Give it a couple minutes, and there’s bound to be new Jem news. In the latest casting announcement, Molly Ringwald has also been added to the film’s roster, making this production seem less like a 2014-friendly ode to girl power, and more like an elaborate narrative time machine designed to take the viewer back to 1985. Ringwald’s role hasn’t been announced either, but she’s probably not going to use her cleavage to put on lip gloss in this one.


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