(Photo: Netflix)

Julie Andrews is teaming up with The Jim Henson Company to create an all-new, puppet-filled show aimed at pre-schoolers for Netflix, Julie’s Greenroom. In a press release, the 80-year-old film and theater veteran says that “this project represents the fulfillment of a long-held dream to educate children about the wonder of the arts.”

“It’s been such an incredible treat to work with Julie on this project,” Netflix’s Director of Global Kids’ Content Andy Yeatman says. “This show is all about awakening children’s interest in the performing arts while introducing a new era of puppets to the viewers.”


Note the use of the word “puppet” instead of “Muppet.” That’s because even though this show is being made with The Jim Henson Company, the organization that its founding puppeteer created back in the ’60s has since been sliced up into a labyrinthine collection of affiliated groups, only some of which have rights to use specific names and certain characters. So, please don’t call the little guys hanging out with Julie Andrews in this announcement video “Muppets”—call them “Greenies.”

And although the world was sadly robbed of Andrews’ famous four-octave soprano voice due to a surgical mishap, Julie’s Greenroom will still feature its share of singing. Most of the half-hour episodes will introduce an original song to get annoyingly stuck in parents’ heads, many probably sung by confirmed guest stars like Alec Baldwin, Ellie Kemper, Sara Bareilles, Tituss Burgess, Carol Burnett, David Hyde Pierce, and Idina Menzel.


The initial 13-episode run of Julie’s Greenroom should begin streaming on Netflix in early 2017.