When Sarah Palin first swanned her way onto the national stage in 2008, the country was unanimous in saying, “This woman is a dead ringer for redheaded actress Julianne Moore, so much so that the resemblance is somewhat distracting. And confusing, as I’m not sure I want to vote for Julianne Moore, despite my respect for her acting career.” At long last, Moore will get the chance to inhabit her uncanny twin in the upcoming HBO movie Game Change, and bust out an altogether different sort of folksy accent than the Boston bray she recently honed on 30 Rock. The film reunites Recount director Jay Roach and screenwriter (and reformed Jonathan-from-Buffy) Danny Strong on an adaptation of Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book, which covers John McCain’s presidential campaign and how the maverick politician totally upended the proceedings by having everyone go, “Say, isn’t that the woman from Boogie Nights? Suddenly McCain’s platform seems, I don’t know, sexier.” In terms of redheads portraying Palin, we suspect she’ll take this news a little more graciously than her reaction to Kathy Griffin on Glee.